Friday, March 17, 2006

Monkey Off My Legs

What's up with Mike's site lately? It keeps coming back with 403 permissions errors. Are you trying to tell us something Mike?

I was able to do a nice little almost-MP workout this morning, finally, without the lower leg rigor mortis I have experienced the last two weeks when attemtping anything faster than about seven minute mile pace.

I started with a five mile progression from 7:20 pace down to about 6:40, and then four miles at 6:00 pace. My goal marathon pace is 5:44, but my treadmill only goes to 6:00 pace, so I make due. With the problems I've had the last couple of weeks, goal MP is probably too much like a tempo right now anyway. My average HR progression through the four miles was roughly 157-160-163-167, which is more than drift. More like piling on. It did feel like I was past LT on the last mile, though it was still comfortable.

Anyway, I was happy to have the workout on my legs. It may have been partially out of range, but dammit, it felt good and that's what counts.

9 miles :: 1:00:35 :: 6:43 pace :: including 4 miles in 23:58


Blogger Mike

Eric, I have no idea! I posted a reply to Sasha with a pic comparing my form at landing to Paul Tergat. I had trouble publishing it, and while it looks like it did make it up (2 or 3 times), I can't see it either! Probably should blame my mac. Nice progression run by the way, I'm sure they will be much more fun on the road when the time comes. I've been trying to some things similar to that (not that you can tell since blogger is all screwy

3/17/2006 09:51:00 AM  

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