Sunday, March 19, 2006

White Noise

I'm listening to white noise right now. So that's the title. That's the kind of insight into the writing process you won't soon find on a run of the mill blog.
I think I'm going to vomit.
See, real stream of consciousness stuff that puts you right there in the moment with me.

Alright. I posted my logs on Flickr, because they don't seem to get all fricked up and resized like they do on Blogger. All my logs are now linked on the right sidebar, so you can take a look if you like.

I had a great run today on the treadmill. I've been down in the 60-70 mile range the last three weeks trying to inject some speed into my routine as well as figure out what my next step would be after running almost 1500 slow base miles in 15 weeks. So, the great run today, I think, was due in part to being pretty well recovered from the long miles, but was also because I am responding really well to the faster running. I averaged exactly seven minute pace for 22 miles, roughly half at 7:15 and half at 6:45, with the final two miles between 6:20 and 6:00. A bit of a riff on the McMillan fast finish run. As I sit here, twelve hours later, my legs feel incredible. I was smart enough not to go for another run today, although I wanted to very badly.

What is really curious, and I think this speaks to the value of high aerobic volume, is that I have experienced no side effects from the faster near-MP running of the last three days. Friday was four miles at 6:00 pace, Saturday was two more, and today was very close to two more at the end of a solid 22 miler. I'm certainly not tireless at 6:00 pace, but so far I don't appear to need to recover from it. Granted, the volume of near-MP miles is pretty low at this point, and I will be jacking my overall miles back up starting this week, but I'm feeling pretty confident that I can continue to add in the MP pace miles and keep the overall mileage up near 100. It seems to make me feel better.

I think I am getting close to figuring out a racing schedule for the late spring and summer. I'll probably add it to the sidebar with everything else, so look for that in the clutter, coming soon.


Blogger Mike

Thanks for posting the logs, I like the format. It's cool to see your average paces per week, as well as individual days. Heart rate info is an unexepected bonus. If you're flying through a 22 miler at 7min pace already and having to stop yourself from running again in the evening it seems like you are on the right track. Nice.

3/21/2006 03:43:00 PM  

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