Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My daughter's sandals are made by a company called circo. There should be a band called circo. A couple more lines of this and I will be ready to stop reading my own blog. On to the running...

The last couple of days required some laying back out of caution rather than necessity. My left lower leg was sore with inversion and eversion of the ankle, not unlike an ankle sprain. Some icing and ibuprofen Sunday and Monday allowed me to run through it, and it is feeling good so far today. I moved my long run from Sunday to Wednesday (tomorrow) hoping to get past the soreness without aggravating anything to the point of having to back off, and it looks like I did it.

Sunday was fourteen miles with a quicker last five, about 6:30 pace. With the speed of the previous day, it came easy. Monday I was able to get two runs in, six and four. The four was a lot of fun. I took my daughter out in the stroller in overcast conditions, and about a mile in it started to pour rain. She was snuggled and dry under a blanket and a canopy and was really enjoying it, so we just kept on rolling. Bumps and Puddles was the theme. I was completely soaked. Good times.

The plan for tomorrow is twenty-two with a progressively faster final ten. Possibly venturing down to goal marathon pace for the final two miles. I need to do more research, as I don't want this to have any kind of sharpening effect on me. The goal is strength and aerobic power, but maybe that's a bit fast this early.

A nod and a wink to my readers. I guess I have more than two now, especially now that I am getting loads of referrals from Mike's blog. I suppose this means I need to publish more often! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. If you have any questions or comments please leave something behind. Cheers!


Blogger Mike

More circo please. Wait, that first part sounded like the stuff I post. I really don't think marathon pace will be fast enough for you to start sharpening up at all. If you were really pushing lots of tempo runs and progressing too much into the red towards the end of them I would maybe worry, but you'll just be padding along at a leisurely 5:45 pace. I love the fact that you're fast enough that I can put "leisurely" and "5:45 pace" in the same sentence. Won't find that on my blog. Haiden shops at Target too, she might have the same sandals. Daisies right?

5/02/2006 03:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Fatboy

I agree with Mike. If you're able to run fast enough at the end of a 22 miler to be at "sharpening" pace, it could be argued you're already sharp. Enjoy it, get depleted, don't get hurt.

My kids are wacky over Crocs. Adults seem to like them too, but I'll stick with my Keen's. Supposedly, the material in Crocs is edible, not bad if you need a late-run glyco boost.

5/02/2006 03:59:00 PM  
Blogger Eric

Yes, red daisies. They cut into her feet a little bit, but she wouldn't let us take them back. C'est la vie with girls and shoes.

I haven't tried the Crocs yet. I see them everywhere. I could have used one or two on my 20 miler ten days ago. That and a five-pound block of potassium. I've only bonked that bad one other time, back in 1994. Wicked.

I'm going for GMP. Two out of two experts agree, I'll be tired at work tomorrow. Thanks, guys.

5/02/2006 04:13:00 PM  

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