Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Just a short post today about my morning workout. I did 12 averaging 6:12 per mile, just trying to lock into a comfortable but strong pace. I changed it up from last week's similar workout by dropping the final two hard miles. With a tempo run coming on Friday, I think it amounts to too much. By the end of today's run, my breathing was just slipping into a shorter rhythm, and my heart rate was about 160, which I think is good for this kind of long effort. According to the GPS, the miles broke down like so:

7:18, 6:20, 6:08, 6:12, 5:52, 6:07, 6:14, 6:01, 6:04, 6:06, 6:04, 5:48

I tend to think some of those are a bit off, because I felt locked in to the effort. This is a standard route, though, so overall it's accurate. I also tried not to add anything to the last mile, but obviously it happened anyway. It felt easy enough, I guess.

Anyway, good run, and no calf issues on either leg. Easy day tomorrow, then another tempo on Friday. Later.


Blogger Mike

Nice workout, doing these early will no doubt make marathon pace feel easier later on. Now I don't want to hear any more talk about calf (or any other) injuries, so I will be the self-appointed voice of reason. Make sure you recover from these (sounds like you're spacing stuff out well already). Remember all that crap about how your body gets stronger while resting, not running. Keep easy days easy, and have you thought about cooling down at the end of these? Take this with a grain of salt from the guy who finished his workout with 2 miles of marathon pace, followed by a cooldown consisting of walking 20 steps to bring in the recycling bins.

5/24/2006 10:05:00 AM  
Blogger Eric

Do I wait for Fatboy to comment before I comment, or do I just comment-whore right behind every comment I get?

I'm a whore.

I am trying to be careful with the rest. Monday and Tuesday, for example, were 5/2 @ 7:20 pace and 6/3.5 @ 7/6:30 pace, respectively. One solid recovery day and one easy day. Those two days left me champing at the bit for today's run. So, I'm feeling well recovered before putting these runs in, and feeling pretty damn good following them as well. No thanks to my cooldown, which consisted of two small arm exercises: unlocking the fence gate and opening the door to the house. Truthfully, I usually walk 200-400 meters at the end of most runs, which I suppose is a cooldown. COUNT IT!

There will be another post about the calf situation soon. I need to psychically cleanse my mind of that situation before I can talk about it. I'll leave you with a teaser: delusional neuropathy.

5/24/2006 10:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Fatboy

It's nice to see that your comfort is increasing at faster paces. 160 at the end? What was your heart rate for the last 20-30 minutes?

It sounds like you felt pretty fresh today. Was it necessary to go light on both Monday and Tuesday? I'm not saying it shouldn't have been, but it's important to know as you move deeper into your training regimen. This type of longish, mid-pace run isn't too hard on your body, feels good, and is something you can often run a little depleted, say, after a Tuesday hill or fartlek session. It shouldn't be so hard that you can't have a good Friday session, though. I'll be really interested to see how your day-to-day recovery goes as you start to integrate harder efforts.

5/24/2006 03:25:00 PM  
Blogger Eric

Good questions. Average HR for the last 30 minutes was 158.4. Average for the whole run, excluding the warmup mile was 154.4

The two easy days were the result of ongoing issues with my calves. Otherwise I probably would have done 10 @ 7:20 pace (recovery) on Monday and 12-14 @ 6:40-6:50 (easy) with striders to set up for today.

I'd like to be using that Tuesday doing an easy 16-18 mile run over the next month, before starting on hill work, but with dueling calf problems the last two months, I've been lucky to get one long run every two weeks, let alone a second longer run each week.

Good stuff. Thanks for the comments guys.

5/24/2006 06:00:00 PM  

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