Thursday, September 21, 2006

Follow Up

I went in for a follow up x-ray yesterday and got some good news. No healing stress fracture, and probably not even a healing stress reaction. All the bones looked great, although I did have a small bone spur on the outer edge of each of my hip sockets.

This allows me to put my mind at ease about the minor pains I am still having all over my right leg. The hip pain and limping is completely gone now after five weeks of cycling, pool running, and rest. However, I am still having muscle pain and tightness through my entire right thigh.

Yesterday I was able to do four miles, which is my longest pain-free run in a long time. Significant-pain-free I should say. I'm now clear to ramp the running back up, although it will take some time to build up the miles again.

Sorry for the lack of writing lately. Now that I am (hopefully) running again consistently, I'll get back to blogging a few times a week. Thanks for the supportive comments and e-mails. All much appreciated!


Blogger Greg

That's good news. I know exactly what you mean about not feeling like writing when the running is the crapper. Hopefully, you can put that behind you for good this time.

9/21/2006 03:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous

It'll be interesting how you feel from this point on. I've frequently found that once I know my worst fears have not come true (stress fracture!)the pain seems to fade away. It's amazing how psychological so much of this stuff is.

10/09/2006 09:14:00 PM  

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