Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chicago in October

The running is going well lately. With the exception of some high winds here the last few days, everything is peaches. I've been taking a day off to rest a bit once a week, so my weeks are six days with mileage right in the 55-60 range. This week should approach 70. The hip and leg are feeling really good, with the exception of the days off, which is really weird, so I'm definitely healing up and should be ready to start building up the miles again.

I've started another blog for logging my training. This one is updated daily (for as long as I can stand it) and will just contain grammatically incorrect sentence fragments about the day's training. Once a week, and probably once a month, I will sum it all up and hopefully it will be big, impressive, consistent numbers with no injury/laziness time outs. I've linked it up permanently over to the right side of the page, near the picture of the fake hill that I sometimes pretend to run up and down on.

I'm getting very excited to see what everyone does in Chicago. Greg, Dallen, Evan, and Zeke will all be looking for PR or near PR performances. Good luck, guys!


Blogger Mike

Updated daily? Surely you jest. Paces are starting out quick and at a low heart rate, which I'm glad to see. I'm sure the longer runs will get easier in a hurry, once a few more miles are back in the legs.

10/19/2006 12:42:00 PM  

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